"Secret" Underground Bunker

This site used to be a military base. In the 1950s a huge underground control block was built.

These photos were taken in early 2008. The underground bits have since been sealed and now has active security.

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ROF Elstow – Bedfordshire

At the time, this explore seemed relatively boring – it was basically a lot of empty sheds and buildings. However, the site is historically significant, even more so now it’s been demolished. Wikipedia has this to say about ROF Elstow (amongst other things):

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Robertsbridge Mill – East Sussex

During 2008 a friend and I visited this mill in Robertsbridge. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get in. It closed in 1999 and was waiting to be redeveloped. I’m posting a few photos here in case you’re in the area and feel like checking it out…

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Updated website

I have recently updated the software which runs the website.  As such, some posts may be temporarily missing.  They will return soon.  Thanks!

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Bridge Valley Deep Shelter – Bristol

The Bridge Valley Deep Shelter is a World War 2 bomb shelter in Bristol – converted from an old railway tunnel. You can read more detailed information on the excellent Forlorn Britain website.

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West Park Asylum – Surrey

West Park Asylum is in Surrey.

This asylum, along with several others (“The Epsom Cluster”), was built in the early 1900s on the outskirts of London. The asylum could hold about 2000 patients with a wide range of mental-health issues. The main part of the asylum closed in the 1990s and has slowly deteriorated over the last few years. Mother nature has reclaimed some parts, while vandals and arsonists have destroyed other parts.

Towards the end of 2009 news of its impending demolition meant the asylum became a tourist hotspot. Nearly every day hundreds of photos appeared on the forums and flickr. Your mum probably looked around before I did. I decided to go along and check it out for myself before it was too late… Baa.

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Hales Hospital / Heckingham Institution – Norfolk

A workhouse has been at this site near Hales since the 1760s.

In 1927, the workhouse was closed and the building converted into an institution for “mental defectives”. After 1930, control passed to Norfolk County Council and the establishment was renamed Heckingham Institution. In 1948, it became part of the National Health Service as Hales Hospital which closed in around 1990. The buildings are currently empty and awaiting redevelopment. (Copied from Workhouses website – more info and external photos can be found there).

There are plans to convert it into residential homes, but these seem to be on hold.

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