Welcome to derelicte

So you’ve stumbled across my website somehow – hello, and thanks for visiting.

The website is basically urban exploration photos/reports – mainly in the Anglia region, and sometimes further afield..

Over the next few weeks I shall be adding reports from my past explores, along with new ones…

I hope you enjoy the site. It isn’t quite finished yet – I need to sort some bits out here and there, and tidy things up; but it’s generally complete. If you see any stupid problems, please contact me.

Thanks, DAB.

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5 Responses to Welcome to derelicte

  1. Tony says:

    This is a great page – just came across it while looking for Willington Power Station. I’ve always been a fan of derelict things – especially from The Last Train mini serious on ITV back in ’99.

    check out http://www.infiltration.org for American based adventures.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Liam says:

    Great site Keep up the good work

  3. Dan Cheetham says:

    Hi, this is a gr8 page i love doing this sort of stuff with me and my friends, we are all students and originally come from Lincolnshire so we’re never short of places to seek. We have to say one of the best places we have been to is RAF Binbrook and we managed to get into the officer and squaddie accommodation which was fantastic but also a little spooky,it was closed in 88 but still has a shower runnin in 1 part which i admit did make us run for the hills, yer keep up the good stuff

  4. Chris M says:

    Fantastic site. Really enjoyed reading through it. Some very interesting stuff on here.

  5. dot dennis says:

    i think this is great and would love to visit some of these places myself but when i do see some where near me and go i,m always to late and its been knocked down could you tell me where to visit in and around coventry and warwickshire areas please dot x

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