The Hellingly Hall Pentagram

Some of you may have been aware of the strange “Pagan” pentagram symbol that appeared on the floor of Hellingly Hall towards the end of 2006. There’s been discussion on the internet about it being for devil worshipping, monsters, sacrificing sheep, chavs being dicks, etc.

One of the people behind it has been in touch – this should hopefully clear up why it is there, and what it was used for…

Image 034-hellingly/derelicte-11

I must thank RIPA for this article and the photos that follow…

I run a paranormal group that has been around in one guise or another for three years or so. The name RIPA (Regional Investigators of Paranormal Activity) which we no longer run under although back in the day we did, we began much as you would see Most Haunted on the TV, idiots with cameras looking for ghosts.

After much research into religion both mainstream and otherwise, it became apparent that witches and occultists were really the only people who claimed to be able to directly raise and influence powers from beyond (gods and demons and the like), and after all as daft as it sounds witchcraft pre-dates any mainstream religion you care to name, there must be something in it, and why go looking for ghosts if you can dial them up? At this point RIPA was actually a public group with over 200 members, and during its time we performed mini experiments using things such as blood during seances, forming human pentagrams amongst other things. To be honest these almost always worked in one form or another – we had people in tears and shock, people who had been ‘touched’ and experienced sudden emotions – it was like Derren Brown power. Anyway it wasn’t long before the word of our exploits got out and in certain psychic circles branded us as devil worshippers, having contacts in those kind of places we quickly found out that our name had spread far and wide. Shortly after it all began blowing up, disruptions split the group, and the work was abandoned.

Along with the occult type research a deep understanding of psychology is required. In our experience going into the kind of building you would expect in a horror flick does play tricks on you, but in addition, the subjects heightened anticipation raises awareness, in those kind of environments a person can sense on all levels far better than if they were at home or somewhere comfortable.

All of this combined with our latest seperate branch into urban exploration, which is itself a damn good rush, and interesting too. We decided over a pint or three that it would be a good idea to try this, so we consulted with the Wiccans, and acquired someone who was willing to raise spirits (whatever it was) As you will see from the piccies he is the person the centre of the pentagram.

Another photo will show me marking out some lines with the good old table salt, all we used was string and salt! Simple.

Image /view/54_salt_1

We didnt expect to leave a mark in all honesty, an unexpected side effect. I can only guess that the hygroscopic properties of the salt pulled moisture from the air and deposited it into the wood as salty fluid, which will depending upon the prevailing humidity appear and disappear as it dries and moistens.

Image /view/54_salt_2

We decided to go at night to perform an evocation ritual and what better place than Hellingly’s great hall, the pentacle serves no purpose than as a backdrop for our activities. Along with cameras, dicta-phones and some passive onlookers, the main man in the middle and four assistants (myself one of them) we proceeded to recite passages of Wiccan spells tailored for the occasion. We then waited…

Image /view/54_centre

The whole idea ultimately was to catch a ghost on camera, which we did not do at all. Despite several cameras running, neither one of them got a thing, however almost all of the dozen or so people did see the dark figure like shape moving steadily around the room, two of us felt the cold rush as it moved past and a couple of others felt their clothes move in the rush of air as it past. There were two of us in the room that some would call sensitive and can sense spirits around us, I am one of them, and we did, and it was not happy. At that time there was definitely something in the room with us, after it had circled us a couple times it rushed towards our main man in the middle, who naturally fled without torch away up the corridors, like a man possessed. It was over, whatever it was vanished and we packed up ready to get out.

Image /view/54_other

In a way it was a success but also we have nothing to show on tape, there are talks to try again elsewhere….

I hope this about gives you a half decent run down of events of the day and leading up to. If there are any other question you would like to ask please feel free.

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18 Responses to The Hellingly Hall Pentagram

  1. Princess Bananahammock says:

    Good times, good times :p

  2. Honey monsters pal says:

    Great pics. Oh what fun!!!!

  3. Snap Happy says:

    Thank you..

  4. Snap Happy says:

    It was a legendary night wasn’t it !!!!
    I was on the right train that night.

  5. santana says:

    Whackos lol, what a bunch of morons

  6. Nicholas lee keneth dempsey says:

    Makes a nice center peice for photography. You vandals hehe

  7. sparkmouse says:

    thats just silly…

  8. princess_conzuela says:

    I fail to see how its moronic……elaborate?

  9. Steadym says:

    You put a lot of time and effort into it and if it was worth it all… fairplay to you. iv just never heard of anybody really doin stuff like that. cheers

  10. mrbigglesworth says:

    We went to hellingly at night (nearer midnight) and two of the group were certain that they heard a noise and a shadow go from one side of the corridor to the other. Im not entirely sure where abouts in the building we were, but we werent far off of the admin block.
    we were wondering how that pentagram got there!!!
    oh and we have heard things about the chapel on the grounds….maybe you guys could try in there?

  11. sime says:… Was on Disco~Stu’s blog and found my way over here… nice work researching this.

  12. kyle harper says:


  13. Mr Waverly says:

    You really should not meddle with things you do not fully understand. For starters, you should all have been INSIDE the outer ring of the pentagram – it is a safety device that is a barrier between the operator and any malicious external forces. The person at the centre should have been quite safe provided that your pentagram had been constructed properly – the fact that he felt menaced and left the circle shows that it was not. LEAVE WELL ALONE. DO NOT DABBLE IN THIS SORT OF THING. I’m not preaching here, but harm can come to the unwary. It might sound ‘fun’, but the fact remains that the repercussions of tinkering in the occult can be serious and long lasting, sometimes leading to insanity and death.

  14. zelda says:

    At least someone (Mr Waverly) is talking sense! They claim to be “sensitives” in this experiment. If this is the case, they would be able to feel the presence of spirits regardless of the pentragram on the floor! There should always be an experienced medium present with experiments of this kind.

  15. Joolz says:

    Thank goodness for you Mr Waverly!! I read this whole article in utter disbelief. It is paranormal groups like this that give us all bad names. What training have you all had in evoking spirits? What training have you all had in sending the spirit back to where it came from? What steps did you take to ensure you didn’t summon a spirit (one that sounds as though it means harm from your own account) that is now trapped and can happily reek havoc on innocent bystanders? Why use a pentagram as a ‘backdrop’ to your activities when you clearly have no idea what it is for? It’s not for decoration you know! I think you were all incredibly foolish to mess around with what you clearly do not understand.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cut them some slack, if they were interested in that they were interested in it. I mean c’mon they are probably unknowing about the raising of spirits but arent we all?

  17. Mr Waverly says:

    Dear Anonymous. Raising spirits is not that difficult. No, really. What IS difficult, however, is getting some of the more malevolent ones to return from whence they came – the simple truth is, to a malevolent or maybe just capricious spirit, our physical plane is a nice place to be. Tibetan occultists were tested by getting them to bring a particular kind of entity, called a ‘Tulpa’ into being in the physical plane. This was found to be surprisingly easy. Then the adepts were told to return the ‘Tulpa’ to it’s rightful place in the non-corporeal universe. This was very, very difficult, and the longer the ‘Tulpa’ stayed here, the more energy it picked up [from negative human emotions], and as a consequence, fought harder to stay. Whatever, I stand by my previous entry, and reckon that the participants were ill-prepared and astonishingly stupid to try something so harmful.

  18. BAM says:

    I’m sorry. I usually can tolerate a moderate amount of bad grammar and poor sentence structure, but good god man, have some self-respect.

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