Langdon Hole (Dumpy B) – Dover

Deep within the White Cliffs of Dover are quite a few military tunnels, bunkers, rooms, shelters etc. Had a little group visit to see some of them recently. Thanks to everyone involved in organising a fantastic, if a little dirty, day out!

I don’t really know about the places visited so the descriptions are brief – sorry!

Langdon Hole – DUMPY B

The first stop was Langdon Hole. Underneath Dover Castle, the Reserve Central Command Headquarters was built – DUMPY B was intended as an alternative site in case anything happened.

  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_01
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_02
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_03
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_04
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_05
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_06
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_07
  • Thumbnail of Dover Cliffs - dover-cliffs_08
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