River Wandle – Croydon

My first attempt at some sort of drains. The River Wandle has been redirected under the streets of Croydon using a big concrete tunnel.

I found it surprisingly difficult to take photos in these conditions. Nowhere to put bags down or whatever made things really hard – something that’s often taken for granted!

  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_07
  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_08
  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_09
  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_10
  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_11
  • Thumbnail of Surrey Underground - surrey-underground_12
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2 Responses to River Wandle – Croydon

  1. Stuart Bowie says:

    As a Child ,i lived at 51 Lower Church St. Croydon. I remember the construction of the tunnel along Waddon New Road and under the railway tracks ,then under Wandle park across the old boating lake area, (to join with the existing Railway bridge), near the tennis courts. We used the tunnel as a playground, playing football in there and letting off fireworks and rockets along its length, before the river was diverted down it.

  2. Stuart Bowie says:

    On a further note. You can see the line the river Wandle took through Wandle Park by the twin lines of trees running across the park. When i was about 12 years old, My friends and i , discovered a very large slab of polystyrene abot 5ft by 7ft by 2ft thick . This we used , Along with some fence plank paddles, to take us all the way along the river from the park, under the railway track, past the gas works. On under Purley Way, past Waddon Ponds. Along Besides the the old Watercress Beds, Now a housing estate. Along the boundary of the school at Beddington Park. Thorough the park, getting thrown out of the Boating Lake. Eventually ending up at Morden Hall Deer Park Then walking back to get the little 2 car train Now a tram track back to West Croydon Station

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