Longcross Barracks – Surrey

Longcross Barracks closed in 2000. Nearby was a military test/research site but they weren’t directly associated with the barracks.

Not a very interesting explore, this one. Just a few buildings, all stripped out. I imagine it is a bit like exploring an old TravelLodge or something.

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12 Responses to Longcross Barracks – Surrey

  1. nicky barrowclough says:

    This place was ok, was posted here three times. Foned memories, sad to see it as it is as I had to sweep the bloody leaves away when I was in the shit. Drove pased it the other day and thought of of the others that I worked there. Left in 1995 for a new trade but this place will be always in my mind. hope Barrowhills officers mess is still there if not with the army.

  2. danni pomeroy says:

    i was there for a couple of years, had great times. shame to see the place in such a state but brings back so many memories. r.i.p longcross barracks

    • richard sloman says:

      Hi Danni!! I was there the same time as you I think!! Worked for MGS in the Guard room. Too right about the good times there though. Great place!! Sad to see it in its present state. Hope all is well.

  3. faye says:

    thanks for sharing these pics, my dad was here in the late 70’s till early 80’s, we lived in a house in albury close (next to the barraks), faye

  4. grace legg says:

    i lived at 16 albury my dad met my mum in the camp she worked in the naafl around 1956 1958

  5. Chris Allen says:

    The Officers Mess is still there looking over the golf course. I still live in Albury Close, which is still owned by the MOD. Alot of filming goes on over there now, currently Law and Order, and also Mclaren use the test track for the testing of the F1 cars. The Military still test vehicles on there now.

  6. danni pomeroy says:

    Richard, i dont think this darn thing will let me reply to your msg. good to hear your well. find me on facebook hun!!! we had some laughs at ol’ longcross eh!!! x

  7. Kathleen Robertson says:

    Hi everyone

    I lived in the officers mess for a few years I was the mess SGT. then I moved down to the SGT mess and was the Admin SGT for a few years before I left in early 80s . The swing that is still on the big tree out the back of the sgt mess was put there by a SGT Bill Hamilton for me one Sunday afternoon after we had watched Gone with the wind . At the time my name was SGT Garbutt. I too had some fantastic times there


  8. Mick Leyland says:

    Hi-I was the NAAFI manager there for a couple of years in the mid 80’s.. Loved it..really sad to see the state of the place now… I was only 20 at the time and remeber some wild times there.

  9. Georgina Jaggs says:

    This is so weird, I lived at 1 Albury for 6 years from 2002, I remember exploring these barracks with my brother and his mates…great memories

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