Ebridge Mill – Norfolk

Of the 100+ mills built in Norfolk during the 1800s, many have been demolished or converted. Two or three remain in industrial use today. This one lies derelict, hidden away deep within the countryside – a crumbling reminder of Norfolk’s rich agriculture/industrial history…

Ebridge Mill is located on the North Walsham & Dilham canal. Like hundreds of similar mills in Norfolk, it was a watermill so relied a lot on the canal – both for deliveries and power. It had a water wheel which was removed in the 1970s. The mill was owned by Cubitt & Walker for 127 years – finally closing in 1998 when they were bought by local rival Duffield’s.

There were plans in 2006 to convert the mill into holiday homes. This plan seems to have fallen through – the company behind the scheme ceased trading at the end of 2007. The mill is now for sale…

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A small boiler room replaced the water wheel to power the machinery.

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Inside is rather rustic – (crumbly) wooden beams everywhere, wheels for the machinery, old chutes. Fantastic…

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Storage Silos

At the top of the silos was a perculiar distribution system…

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Further Reading

You can read more about this mill on the rather wonderful Norfolk Mills website.

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13 Responses to Ebridge Mill – Norfolk

  1. stu says:

    just an awesome collection of photos! brilliant and all sooo interesting

  2. John says:

    Great set of shots went and had look around the outside,I have known this mill all my life and can remember went it was in full flow.But not old enough to remember the canal working!!

  3. bensheperia says:

    Is the mill still for sale if so could you please let me know who the owner is also do you have any photos of the surrounding area adjasent to the mill . Many thanks Ben

  4. Mark_Morecambe says:

    Cool.. these remind me of the worlds in the ‘Theif’ PC games 1 and 2 (The Metal Age) before Theif 3..

  5. Tabi says:

    Can anyone tell me if this mill is still unused?
    Fancy a trip out there and would like to know if it’s still possible to get inside it!!

  6. norwich canary says:

    How did you get in

  7. DAB @ derelicte says:

    Hi – I went here over a year ago. I don’t know if access is still possible. Just go and check it out.

  8. Daniel says:

    The mill itself is still unused, and is currently for sale.
    It is not advised to just go and have a look round with out permission as you would be done for tresspassing!!!

    The grounds on which the mill stands on is still in daily use by Ebrigde Feeds which is a Animal feed company, and also by a Lorry Company namely T&R Transport.

    There is CCTV on site, you have been warned..

  9. Greg says:

    I was there just a couple of months ago, It’s a really cool site, didn’t explore too far though.

    Aren’t tresspassing laws abit hazy? I mean i’m sure i read somewhere that as long as you leave when asked you can’t be charged. I guess the one thing is if you damage the property to gain access you could be charged with breaking and entering….

    Please correct me if i’m wrong.

  10. Stee says:

    As far as I was aware, trespassing is not a criminal offense. Criminal Trespassing is. But as has been said, if you go when asked it’s not a crime. Unless it’s crown land, which include MOD sites and some rail sites I think.

  11. Stee says:

    also, not to sound silly, but asking if you can still access a building when there is a picture clearly showing that one of the walls is almost completely gone seems redundant.

  12. eawa says:

    You will find pictures and more about the mill and canal on the eawa.co.uk website. There is now a dredger on the canal opposite the old mill, and the new canal owner is aiming to dredge through to Bacton Wood Lock – which is above Spa Common Bridge. The mill is again up for sale and new planning permission has been sought for conversion into holiday flats. A major problem is the disposal of asbestos.
    I reckon most people gain access via the hole in the fence!!!!

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