ROF Elstow – Bedfordshire

At the time, this explore seemed relatively boring – it was basically a lot of empty sheds and buildings. However, the site is historically significant, even more so now it’s been demolished. Wikipedia has this to say about ROF Elstow (amongst other things):

Royal Ordnance Factory (ROF) Elstow was one of sixteen UK Ministry of Supply, World War II, Filling Factories. It was a medium-sized filling factory, (Filling Factory No. 16), which filled and packed munitions. It was located south of the town of Bedford, between the villages of Elstow and Wilstead in Bedfordshire. It was bounded on the northeast by the A6 and on the west by a railway line. Hostels were built nearby to accommodate the workers who were mostly female.

It had 250 buildings and 15 miles of standard gauge railway lines. It was linked to the Midland Railway line running between London and Bedford.

ROF Elstow started filling munitions in February 1942.

ROF Elstow closed in 1946. The CEGB took over the site in 1969 with the intention of building a power station but this never came to fruition.

Here are a few external photos – the combination of emptiness and half-demolition meant that I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired inside.

  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
  • Thumbnail of ROF Elstow
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2 Responses to ROF Elstow – Bedfordshire

  1. John Ellis says:

    Wasn’t the ROF Elstow a refugee camp when it ceased making munitions? I lived in Stewartby from 1935-52, and Ican remember seeing the hundreds of residents from Elstow going to, and leaving the stewartby brick works. I think most of these displaced people came from the Balkan States, fleeing Russian rule. Most of them had racing bikes . The favourite colour seemed to be yellow. It always reminded me of The Tour de France at knocking off time at the brickworks.

  2. simon says:

    It was EOF as it says on the badge. My nan worked there when my gramp was with the 8th army. the badge is of two bombs with EOF, if you want a photo of the badge i can send you it, if you email me.

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