Derelicte is my website dedicated to Urban Exploration.

Urban Exploration?

In short, this is the exploration of abandoned buildings and seeing stuff that isn’t usually visible. The term is open to interpretation – some people also go into drains, some climb cranes, some dress up in hi-vis vests and go into working factories, and so on.

I, for now, just do the abandoned buildings bit.

What Urban Exploration isn’t

It isn’t breaking into places and smashing things up. It’s not vandalising with graffiti or whatever. It’s not setting fire to things.

What Urban Exploration is

It can be trespass. A lot of people think the police can arrest you for this. This isn’t true. Trespass is a civil offence, not a criminal one; meaning the police can’t really do anything. If however you’re caught breaking in, vandalising, graffiti or arson, then the police can get involved. These facts don’t stop jobsworth security guards calling the police etc. Fools.

There is one basic ethos of Urban Exploring, and that is “take photos, only leave footprints”. That means leaving everything how you found it – no stealing, smashing or anything.

The taking photos part can also be historically significant. This really sunk in when the control tower at RAF Shepherds Grove was demolished in June 2006. I was probably one of the last people few to go inside/photograph it. No-one will ever have that chance again.


Visiting abandoned buildings can be dangerous. If you visit any of the places I’ve been to, then you do so at your own risk.


Ghosts don’t exist. And that’s a fact. If you’ve got orbs on your photos then it’s your flash (or some other light) reflecting off dust.

A note about my photos

I’ve compressed them for use on this website – big photos take a lot of space. Small ones don’t. As such, they may not be of a great quality. If you would like high resolution versions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.