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Robertsbridge Mill – East Sussex

During 2008 a friend and I visited this mill in Robertsbridge. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t get in. It closed in 1999 and was waiting to be redeveloped. I’m posting a few photos here in case you’re in the … Continue reading

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Ditchingham Maltings – Suffolk

Various forums and websites mistakenly name this as “Wainford Maltings”, presumably because of a nearby roadsign. The real Wainford maltings is about a mile further down the road though. This one is Ditchingham maltings. And sadly it’s one that’s always … Continue reading

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Framlingham Mill – Suffolk

Framlingham Mill was owned by J. Bibby Agriculture and closed in 2005. It was a feed mill – meaning it made feed for animals such as pigs. Production and workers were moved to the company’s mills in Bury St Edmunds … Continue reading

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Waterfront Mills – Ipswich

Ipswich’s waterfront once boasted a huge selection of mills, all of varying sizes. Several have been demolished, some converted into flats, and two remain empty. But not for long, they will soon be flats too.

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Stewartby Brickworks – Bedfordshire

In 1897, B.J. Forder and Son opened a Fletton brickworks at Wootton Pillinge (later to be called Stewartby). The company later merged with several other companies, the main one being the London Brick Company (which had been founded in 1889). … Continue reading

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BOCM Pauls’ Mill – Wymondham

Hiding deep within the Norfolk countryside is a small abandoned farm-food processing plant. Formerly operated by BOCM Pauls, it closed in 1996. As with most places I visit, there are plans to build on the site, but I doubt anything … Continue reading

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Morlands Factory – Glastonbury

Morlands was Glastonbury’s major industry – specialising in stuff made from sheep – like gloves, shoes, flying jackets etc. In recent years, the huge 31 acre site has slowly been demolished leaving just a few buildings. There are plans afoot … Continue reading

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