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ROC posts – Linton, Arrington & Botesdale

Another quick round up ROC posts that I’ve recently visited. ROC posts were small underground observation posts to monitor nuclear fallout during the Cold War. Around 1600 were built, but many have since been demolished/filled in/flooded. Some remain intact, but … Continue reading

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RAF Wyton Photographic Factory

RAF Wyton was home to the Strategic Reconnaissance Force after WW2. More information about the base’s history can be found on Wikipedia The recon role of the base wound down in the 1990s and is now used for logistic purposes. … Continue reading

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RAF Warboys Direction Finding Station

This may not be the largest location I’ve featured, but I still found it interesting. It’s the old Direction Finding Station for the nearby RAF Warboys base (now mainly industrial units). And that is about all I know about this … Continue reading

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ROC posts – Fordham, Parsons Drove & Rainham

Several failry good ROC posts were visited during July. Here’s a quick round up…

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RAF Oakington – Cambridgeshire

RAF Oakington closed many years ago – in 1999 to be precise. A year later the domestic areas were turned into a high security immigration reception centre. The good news is that technical buildings such as boiler-rooms and hangars aren’t … Continue reading

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Chesterton Junction Railway Yard – Cambridge

This railway yard is on the outskirts of Cambridge. It was primarily used as a depot to assemble new track panels and concrete sleepers. In later years it was used for general freight. Not much remains on site now – … Continue reading

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