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78 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Rachel says:

    Great site 🙂 I only recently discovered urban exploring and am really excited at the thought of doing some of my own explores. Some of your pictures are really beautiful, especially the asylum pics. Any hints of tips would be great to help me get started 🙂

    Keep up the good work! x

  2. William McElligott says:

    Re: “upwood_39”


    Ah, Upwood. Your shot is of what we called the “‘A’ Flight Classroom.” It’s not looking so hot in this image (despite the obvious fire damage.)

    From 1984 – 1995 The Upwood Officers’ Mess was part of the “USAFE NCO Academy-North (later the “Mathies USAF Noncommissioned Officer Academy” and still later the “Mathies Professional Military Education Center”.) I was a USAF Master Sergeant and an instructor there from 1990-1995.

    For a time, Upwood was the largest Professional Military Education center in the USAF, providing mid-level and upper-level professional development courses to airmen and noncommissioned officers throughout the European theater.

    A Flight was the showplace classroom. In addition to daily classes, we also met DVs there. In 1993 I personally briefed a contingent from the Czech Air Force in this classroom. They were quite interested in how the free world developed their noncommissioned officers.

    You also have a shot of what was once the Sergeant’s Mess. That was part of our school as well. We called it “Valor Hall” and within it we had a display of enlisted RAF VC and enlisted USAF Medal of Honor recipients. Leonard Cheshire (VC) and John Levitow (MoH) dedicated the hall. That was quite a coup as Cheshire had for years begged off engagements of this sort. I have it on video. He used the occasion to, in his words, “finally thank the USAF for all they did for us 50 years ago.” I was emcee for that event and it’s one of the highlights of my career.

    Let me know if you’d like more info on the school and what went on there.


    William J. McElligott

  3. Rob says:

    Regarding the post “Posted 27 March 2008, 09:00 From Robert Hacon Williams”

    One of the crew of this aircraft (F.R. Page) was the father of my half-brother and husband of my late mother. Please could you forward my email addres to Mr Williams so that he could contact me if he wishes?

  4. hi. i was reading with interest about West Raynham airfield Norfolk, i was wondering who it belongs to now? as i could be a good place to carry out a paranormal investigation.
    Have you been to any spooky buildings in your travels? i bet you have.

  5. Enrico says:

    Bawdsey Manor. The site of the top-secret Bloodhound missiles may still be there, hidden behind large earth blast mounds. See the talk page of the Wikipedia article for Bawdsey Manor. There are some quite large WW2 military blockhouses or gun emplacements nearby on that part of the coast. At Felixstowe Docks and Harwich are even bigger structures. Some of them are underground.

    There are several isolated unused Martello Towers south of Shingle Street, Suffolk. It would be great to see some photos of the inside – but you will need a ladder to get in.

  6. Enrico says:

    On the bank of the river Stour esturary in Essex, but north of the railway line from Manningtree to Harwich, was an secret ordnance factory that closed long ago. You get to it down one of the several obscure little dirt tracks leading off the B road and crossing the railway line. It was shown on old OS maps, but not on more recent due to secrecy. I do not know if its still there – I would guess it probably still is. Nearer Mistley other little twisty tracks lead to mills, which may be derelict. Also at Mistley is a former cold war bunker open to the public.

  7. Enrico says:

    The disused factory site where work on mines, depth charges, and torpedoes was done is described in some detail at pillbox-study-group dot org dot uk slash ukfcdatabasecpage dot htm It says there was still lots to see in 2005. It is in Copperas Wood, not “Coppera’s Wood” as that site says. The entrance to this is probably up the lane on the B road just to the west of the road to the container terminal.

    This is not to be confused with the former mine depot which is nearby and to the west nearer Wrabness, which is now a nature reserve, and which is also mentioned on the above site.

  8. michael says:

    Hi, can you tell me if severals has been demolished yet ?Does any one have the address so i can visit if there is still access.

  9. Andrew says:

    i have been researching pow camps in the uk in ww11 for 2 years now, i have under construction a web site on pow camps. i have been to the camp in Brigg.its a great site. In September 2008 this camp will be no more it is to end up as a Building site., they call this progress.

  10. pete stacey says:

    i don’t know if your interested but they have just started to demolish the old british cellophane factory in bridgwater somerset.the chimney stack is a well known landmark and it could disappear sometime. you can see the stack in the distance on google street at the bath road entrance. cheers pete

  11. Justin says:

    Just wondered if you’ve come across a derelict building on Plough Lane Leavenheath. Saw it today and am desperately curious to find out what it was used for. Seems like a factory of some description. Think its on the outskirts of the ground for Stoke By Nayland Golf Club.


  12. Ruben Flores says:

    I was an instructor at the Mathies NCO Acadeny from 1987 to 1990. I would like to see what it looks like today.

    • Steve Maack says:

      Hi Ruben,
      I’ve seen photos of what used to be the Academy and Leadership School. It made me really sad to see the current state of the facilities. We worked hard to make the place look good when we were there. I guess all things must eventually succumb to time and disuse. I understand the NCO Academy at Keesler is now called Mathies NCO Academy. I wonder if they received the artifacts we had from Archibald Mathies’ crewmate.


  13. Peter Dorr says:

    I am looking for an airfield my father was stationed at durning the war. I vistited it in 1970 and met the people my father came to know. Their names were Cedick and Mary Butters.
    The airfield was just about next door to there home, Church Cottage. It was near a town called Brandon, Thetford, Norfolk. It was an estate taken over by RAF. It seems to the owner was a Major Sutton, though I could be wrong. The main road was either Thedford Road or Brandon Rd.
    Do you know of it or can help find it or the name

    My father was in the US Army Air Force 1942-45. Any help would be apprecitated


  14. Bill Espie says:

    Peter Dorr, The airfield you want is Bodney and it was home to the 352nd Fighter Group, the 3rd top scoring FG during WWll. The 352nd FG do have an association and
    I have just come back from their reunion in Orlando. Can you give me more details on your father please as it would be of interest to me and if you do not have much information on your father while he was there then I may be able to help you.

    • phil yeldham says:

      i think you will find the airfield next to brandon in suffolk is RAF Lakenheath , which is a USAF base flying fighters (f14s i think ) or theres mildenhall nearby which is transport and refuellers or feltwell just north of brandon which has the large “golf” ball structures , i think they are radar or something like that . I go to these bases in a lorry every so often .

  15. George Ford says:


    First of all great site, really easy to use and very informative, but i was wondering if you know who owns pyestock?. i know it was sold by the council in 2002 to a private owner but im having trouble finding out who that is.


  16. Beckie says:

    i am looking at abandoned buildings for my photography work and need artists to focus on. i really enjoyed looking at your work so was just curious if i can use you as one of them. If so please may you email me with information about your work and what inspires you when taking pictures of these buildings
    Many Thanks Beckie

  17. Riapav says:

    Thank you for your wonderful photos of the Stafford Counyt Lunatic Asylum – later known as St. Georges Hospital. I see this building every time I go to work and could weep at the state of it. People, yes REAL PEOPLE worked there, were treated there, recovered there and remember it affectionately as a working hosptial. It is a Grade II listed building with the current owners seemingly doing little to preserve it. Makes you feel really helpless when you see the state of decay shown in your photos and know that you can do nothing to get this restored.

  18. Hello my name is Helen Stratton,
    My father David Stratton and Reg Howse worked for Chimneys limited of addington London. And they built the stack with the glazing in the late 1930’s. He built many chimneys across the country including The stacks at International alloys in Aylesbury which have now been demolished.
    Many thanks Helen Stratton.

  19. Martyn Harris says:

    Just looked at your West Raynham photo’s. Wonder if you took any of the Station Workshops. I served there from 1982 to 1986 as a sgt in the workshops. The workshops were situated on the junction looking down the road with the medical centre on the right and the bunker on the left with the sports centre at the end of that road on the left. By the way I was lucky to be invited by the Regiment WO to a test go in the simulator. this was about 3 weeks after it was up and running. What an afternoon. Thanks for the memories.

  20. Gerry Feakes says:


    I have three questions about RAF Wyton.

    The first is about the Blenheim Cafe which was on the corner where the road to Houghton village left the road that ran past the camp. Does anyone know anything about it e.g. when it was established, by whom and when it closed?

    The second query is that on the opposite the Blenheim cafe on the other side of the road down to the village is a small area of land that now houses a few small “industrial” units. The RAF bought this land in 1949 but what did they use it for?

    The third query is about another small piece of land that was a little way down the road to the village and a little way to the west. When I first saw it many years ago it was just a pile of rubble and I suspect that it still is. Did the RAF use this land? And, if so, what for?

    Any answers to these problems would be helpful.

    Gerry Feakes

  21. Bob Wheeler says:

    I have just bought a slide rule, from an ebay site in Hertfordshire, with the name “A Simons NGTE”, written in ink, on the case. Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can trace the original owner, or his family? I am intrigued by its origins and the establishment that made so many of our historic aviation successes.

  22. Thanks for any other informative blog. The place else may I get that kind of info written in such a perfect means? I’ve a venture that I’m simply now operating on, and I’ve been on the glance out for such information.

  23. Andrew says:

    please could you send me a copy of all these photo’s if possible?

    many thanks


  24. Terry Kelly says:

    I was stationed at Rudloe Manor from 1962 to 65. The station had two main sites the old RAF Box (commmunications centre underground) where RAF fireman spent most of their time. The acommodation centre was at Hawthorn where all the single personnel stayed. The Manor house site was No, 12 Group HQ Flying Training Command where the AOC an Air Vice Marshal and several Group Captains and other senior Officers had their offices. I worked in the typing pool with three other chaps and half a dozen WRAF personnel (transported everyday from an RAF station near Cirencester).
    This site also housed the Sick Quarters and several ampty billets (which I understand were taken back into use when the Hawthorn site was decommisioned and became an industrial unit. MARRIED Q

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