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HMS Osprey / RNAS Portland – Dorset

HMS Osprey was one of the Navy’s helicopter airfields. It closed in 1999. Most of the base has been demolished. An HM Coastguard heliport remains, as does the old main building. This contained the control tower, operations room, met office … Continue reading

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RAF Bodney – Norfolk

One of the great things about this website (that sounds egotistical, but I shall continue) is the amount of feedback I receive from visitors. Most leave memories of their times at the places I visit. Some leave compliments. And very … Continue reading

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RAF West Raynham – Norfolk

RAF West Raynham is in Norfolk, near a town called Swaffham. It is seriously in the middle of nowhere, and was quite hard to find. It closed in 1994, and at the end of 2005 was put up for auction. … Continue reading

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RAF Shepherds Grove – Suffolk

RAF Shepherds Grove is located on the outskirts of the sleepy Suffolk village of Stanton. It was built during WW2 as an airfield for bombers. During the Cold War in the 1950’s the USAF took over and based jet fighters … Continue reading

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